A healthy diet is important for a number of reasons. Not only does it keep your weight down, it also improves your overall health, avoids obesity-related illnesses like heart disease and diabetes, gives you plenty of energy, keeps your mood up, and still gives you enough flavors and variety to enjoy your meals. Pulling all this off is easier than you might think, although it still requires some good ideas and planning on your part.

Reconsider Your Food Pyramid

The old food pyramid promotes a foundation of grains, adds plenty of fruits and vegetables, gives you some proteins and dairy products, and recommends you eat high-fat and high-sugar snacks only sparingly. However, nutrition science has advanced since that plan came out and the new pyramid for Los Angeles, CA residents looks very different.

Whole grains are still on the menu, but they take up less than half the base of the new food pyramid instead of the whole thing. Whole grains are still important because they contain dietary fiber for fullness and digestion plus complex carbohydrates, but those carbs become fats when you eat too many too often.

Fruits and vegetables fill up another block on the base. This is because they contain simple carbohydrates for quick energy, nutrients for balanced living, and more dietary fiber.

Healthy oils finish off that first layer and come from vegetable sources like olives and fish sources like cod. You should use healthy fats in moderation since they are very dense with calories, but healthy oils can hold fat-soluble vitamins and keep your body from using unhealthy fats.

Lean proteins should come from a mix of animal and vegetable sources like lean beef, chicken, eggs, fish, nuts, seeds, and tofu. Proteins are the building blocks of the body, and they’re an essential (but small) part of any diet.

Dairy products are good, but moderation is key. Whole milk contains a mix of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins but isn’t filling, yogurt is low-fat but high-carb, and cheese is low-carb but high in animal fats.

Make Good Choices At The Store

Try building a meal plan and a shopping list before you leave your Los Angeles, CA home to avoid impulse buys.

Healthy food is often in the back or along the sides of the store, so shop around instead of going straight for the most obvious products.

Always read the nutrition information and the ingredients list so you can make an informed decision.

Eat Healthy At Home

Most store-bought products add more sugars and fats than you would at home, so cook for yourself whenever you can.

If you have trouble remembering your fruits and vegetables, put them in front on easy-to-reach shelves.

If you don’t have much energy at dinnertime, prep your ingredients earlier in the day.

Of course, eating healthy is only part of living healthy. You should also exercise regularly and keep up with any treatments or health programs you take part in. And if you live in Los Angeles, CA, consider visiting Olympic Chiropractic LA and signing up for chiropractic sessions to reduce stress and treat chronic pain.