How Proper Posture Benefits You
Your mother was right all those years she told you to stand up straight – posture is important! The benefits of good posture don’t just stop at how it makes you look either. There are a lot of reasons why you should pay attention to how you stand and sit, and here are a few your west Los Angeles chiropractor wants you to know about!

Good posture helps you to breathe better! If you have good posture it helps to increase the capacity of your lungs and helps to feed your body the oxygen it needs and wants. Most people don’t think about the importance of deep, full breaths throughout their day, but you will notice a difference once your posture improves and make deep breathing as easy as, well, breathing.

When you are breathing better your brain will function better too. If you think about it, oxygen is the food your brain requires to work right and if you give your brain more food to fuel it, it’ll function better. So, increase your lung and your brain capacity with proper posture!

Image Boost
The benefits of proper posture aren’t just physical. When you stand tall it can have a big impact on your attitude and confidence, and that can give your self-esteem a boost too. Good posture will make you feel more attractive and even look smarter, too, and all that means you feel better about yourself! Just look at how good your west Los Angeles chiropractor feels about themselves!

Confidence Lift
When you feel like you look good, then you’re going to start believing it! Good posture can be a real confidence booster, just by the nature of walking around with your head held high. Not only will it make you feel better, but other people will notice too. They’ll think that you seem like a person that is confident and sure of themselves, all because you’re resisting the slouch! Remember, most communication is non-verbal, so ask yourself what you’re communicating to others with your posture!

Improved Health
One of the biggest benefits you reap from good posture is how it impacts your overall health. When you see your west Los Angeles chiropractor you are having your body aligned in order to promote health, and proper posture keeps you on the right track by keeping your bones and joints aligned so you muscles can work properly and your body can function as it needs to. When this happens then it also decreases the amount of abnormal wear and tear your body goes through and prevents muscle fatigue. When your muscles are less fatigued then that means you will feel like you have more energy throughout the day too!

Good posture has so many benefits. Even if it seems like something that you have to concentrate on at first, it will eventually become a habit that you don’t even think about. So, what are you waiting for? See your chiropractor in Los Angeles, California today so you can reap the benefits that proper posture has to offer.