Many people that live in Los Angeles, CA understand just how healthy and it can be to visit a chiropractor when there is chronic pain and discomfort in the spine. For people, good chiropractic treatment can mean the difference between being unable to work, play and sleep without pain, and regaining both mobility, and a pain-free, less stressful life.

However, what many people may not realize is that some of the same techniques that can help people to move around in comfort, without pain, can apply to our four-legged friends too. While it’s not something that applies to every animal, there are veterinary chiropractors out there, and they can help make a difference to some of the different animals in our lives.

Some people joke that cats are “boneless” because of the many curves and contortions they can bend their body into without any apparent discomfort. But cats do have a backbone—albeit far more flexible than our own—and, as with people, there is a correct position for the bones, more accurately known as vertebrae, to be in, to provide proper mobility.

If a cat’s bones are out of alignment, this means that the back may no longer move or flex as freely as it used to, and this can cause pain. An experienced veterinary chiropractor can tell through touch alone whether a cat’s back and joints have their bones in proper alignment. If not, the bones can be realigned back into their proper position.

Like cats, dogs can also have pain and mobility issues relating to their back and joints. Dogs can have their backbones and joints move out of alignment for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the cause may be as simple as being overfed. An overweight dog distributes fat around areas of the body that may put uneven pressure on the back, and eventually move some bones out of alignment.

Because dogs are generally encouraged to be athletic and it’s not unusual for dogs to go outdoors for exercise, sometimes dogs can sustain athletic injuries the same way that people can if they push themselves too hard. If a dog falls or even makes turns or other movements that are too sudden, there is a chance that the back or joint injury may occur.

One of the most valued services for veterinary chiropractors is for treating horses. Horses are beautiful, athletic, but delicate animals. For people that enjoy riding horses, it’s possible that a misalignment of the back or even a problem with the disc that requires attention.

For horses in a professional capacity, such as racing, not only is the risk of injury greater, but the financial consequences of such an injury are much higher in stakes. It’s one of the reasons why skilled veterinary chiropractors for horses are well paid and in high demand.

However, if you have a back problem here in Los Angeles, CA, we can help. Contact Olympic Chiropractic LA, and come in for a visit. We can assess what your back or joint situation is like, and come up with the chiropractic treatment that will bring you lasting relief and get your mobility back.