Golf is a game about precision, control, and spending a day outside with your friends. The complex hole designs offer an interesting challenge while the fresh air and lovely greens give you a reason to get out of your house for a while. Golfing is also a low-impact sport, so people of all ages in Los Angeles, CA can enjoy it even if they would have trouble with a more active sport like soccer or basketball.

The Trouble With Repetitive Strain Injuries
While golf isn’t as active as other sports, you can still hurt yourself with repetitive strain injuries, especially if you golf regularly throughout the week. Knee and shoulder pains are relatively common, and tendinitis in the elbows is common enough that some people call it “golfer’s elbow.” However, the most common repetitive strain injury for golfers takes the form of back pain. Each golf swing requires you to bend over at a very precise angle and twist your back to swing, so it’s no wonder that golfers regularly deal with back strain.

Stay Safe By Honing Your Swing
One way to reduce and prevent back strain is to practice and hone your technique. Many people in Los Angeles, CA, especially new golfers, will tend to swing too hard and push their muscles too hard. A bad stance can also put a lot of extra pressure on your back muscles to keep it up. A good golf swing should be easy and relaxed, and you can improve your game and reduce your strain by working with a trainer to perfect your stance.

Give Your Muscles A Workout
Another reason golfers might experience back strain is because they don’t put in enough time exercising and strengthening their back muscles. Stronger muscles have a much easier time holding your body in the correct posture, and they put much less pressure on the joints and ligaments that will otherwise strain under the pressure. If you golf often, you should also exercise regularly and pay close attention to your core muscles when you decide what routine to choose.

Relax Afterwards With Chiropractic Care
Another great way to relieve and prevent back strain is through chiropractic care. Chiropractors focus on back and spinal care because the back is important and the spinal cord can affect pain throughout the rest of your body. Professionals like Tiger Woods and David Duvall visit chiropractors regularly to relax their backs and keep themselves in good condition, and if you golf frequently then a chiropractor could help you avoid and reduce back strain.

Back pains are common no matter how you spend your days, but if you golf a lot then there’s a good chance you experience more back strain than the average. To keep that strain away you should make sure your technique is good and your back muscles are strong, but you should also visit a chiropractor regularly. Golfers in Los Angeles, CA can visit Olympic Chiropractic LA, so be sure to schedule a visit soon and make sure your back is in good shape before the next time you visit the links.