Weightlifting is an excellent way to lose weight and get in shape. Not only do you burn plenty of calories in each set, you also encourage your body to build muscle and use the calories you eat to do that instead of storing the excess as fat. You can also adjust your routine to aim for a trim figure, big muscles, and other body types. So where does chiropractic care come in?

Lifting Weights Can Be Hard On Your Spine
There are two types of weights in weightlifting: free weights and machines. Machines are better at consistently targeting the same muscle groups each time and they’re safer since the weight is under control the whole time, but free weights can target more muscles at a time since your body needs to keep the weights under control. Unfortunately, free weights can also be hard on your back, especially if you start lifting large weights over your head. This is why serious bodybuilders in Los Angeles, CA wear special belts that reinforce their backs when they lift weights.

Pain Can Make It Hard To Work Out
Pain can be very helpful when it comes to weightlifting and other forms of exercise. It can tell you when you’ve reached your limits, it can warn you that you might injure yourself permanently if you don’t recuperate, and it can be an early warning sign of a repetitive stress injury. However, pain can also come from other sources like chronic diseases and make it hard to focus on exercise or complete a set. This type of pain can make it very hard to exercise even if exercising is you your best interest.

Pain Medication Isn’t Always Helpful
While the simple solution to pain is to take a painkiller, over-the-counter drugs can only help so much before they stop working. Prescription painkillers can be much more effective, but most of them make you drowsy and slow you down if you’re trying to exercise. Nearly all of these drugs are also opioids, and that means they come with a risk of addiction and dependence if you use them for too long. As such, the most obvious way to treat chronic pain is also one of the most dangerous.

Chiropractic Care Helps With Pain
Regular sessions with a Los Angeles, CA chiropractor have helped many people with their pain, and not just the pain they feel in their back. The spinal column contains all the nerves that lead to the rest of your body, and a bad pinch or misalignment in your spine can send pain shooting down your leg or up an arm. A good chiropractor can help treat these pains and make sure you aren’t doing serious harm to your spine during weightlifting sessions.

Chiropractic sessions can be a big help to weightlifters, and that’s true whether you’re just starting out, maintaining your figure, or pushing your limits. If you live in Los Angeles, CA, contact Olympic Chiropractic LA and sign up for a session. You may be amazed by just how good you’ll feel afterwards.