Do you ever talk to some of those people who seem to be “addicted” to working out? Those people who always seem to be happy and boasting about how great their workout is? This may seem like they’re just trying to get attention for going to the gym, but there is a reason behind why people feel so amazing after exercising.

Turns out, exercise is a natural way to boost your mood. But I’ll let you in on a little secret; there are many ways to naturally increase your mood other than exercising, as well.

How Does ExerciseBoost Your Mood?
Have you ever heard of endorphins? Well, if you’ve been to a health class of any kind in school, then the answer is probably a yes. If not, let me break it down for you really quick. Endorphins are these amazing little chemicals in your brain that make you feel happy! Turns out, they’re even more powerful than morphine.

Dopamine also plays a big role in enhancing your mood post workout. Dopamine is the chemical responsible for your pleasure and happiness.

So what I’m saying is quite simple. Exercising promotes a great mood because when you get your blood pumping physically, your brain releases these chemicals and this naturally brings your mood up. Why do you think so many people use exercise as a form of stress control? Because it actually works wonders!

Not only is exercising a mood booster chemically, but it also aids in your immune system and your physical well-being. This will not only ensure that you are sick less, but the physical impact that your work-out regimen has will make you feel more positive as well. There’s nothing like being able to fit into last year’s skinny jeans to make you feel incredible!

Other Healthy Habits That Induce A Good Mood
Exercising is not the only healthy habit that will boost your mood. A combination of the following things will keep you all-around happy.

A Healthy Diet

Exercising is only part of the equation. If you’re still filling your body with junk, then you won’t reap all the benefits that exercise has to offer. Eating nutritious foods will ensure that your immune system stays in check, you’re giving your body all it needs to function, and it will simply increase your energy all around.

Visiting a Chiropractor

Visiting a great chiropractic office such as Chiropractor Los Angeles, will increase all of the benefits you can get from exercising. Making sure that your body is functioning correctly is just another way you can continue to exercise and boost your mood. Los Angeles Chiropractors do a great job of this!

Added Bonus: Massage Therapy

Looking for another way to wind down, relax, and boost your mood? Massage therapy Santa Monica is a great way to do so! Since massage therapy increases circulation, it will get the blood pumping to all of your vital organs, muscles, and tissues.

If you’re jealous of those people who always seem to be in the greatest of moods, then exercising is exactly what you need. In combination with a healthy diet, regular chiropractic offices, and some occasional massage therapy sessions, your mood will be boosted sky high!