Anyone that has been ill and required surgery in Los Angeles, CA already knows that during the recovery period, you have to take care of yourself. High-intensity activities, such as your regular exercise regimen, or going out and playing sports with friends are not advised when your body is trying to get over the trauma of being operated on.

But what about a visit to your chiropractor in Los Angeles, CA? Is this reasonable to do, or are you putting yourself at risk in the same way you would if you just got out of the hospital and signed up for a marathon?

Generally Safe
In the broadest terms, it can be said that chiropractic treatment is generally safe for people even after surgery has occurred. However, the usual condition, “It depends on the type of surgery and the type of chiropractic treatment” apply. A chiropractor practices a very hands-on, safe, non-invasive form of back and limb treatment.

For most people, this means that because chiropractic treatment is not an additional surgical technique, and does not even involve injections, or any other medical treatment method that involves cutting the skin, it’s pretty safe. However, there are some instances where it would not be a good idea.

Don’t Push It
For example, if you’ve just had back surgery, and you have sutures in your back at the exact area that you would like a chiropractor to work on, this would be considered medically unsafe. If nothing else, the fact that the chiropractor must apply for an area that has stitches means that there’s a real risk of breaking those stitches and opening an incision.

This also applies to any general spinal surgery. Until you get a go-ahead from your physician, any massage, or other treatment specifically applied to your back after your back has just been operated on is ill-advised. Take it easy on these areas until a medical professional gives the go ahead.

The Rest Of It Is Fine
In most other cases, there shouldn’t be any issues with having a chiropractor do work even if you’ve recently had surgery. For example, if you’re experiencing some lower back pain issues, but you’ve recently had surgery done on your leg, or had some cosmetic surgery done to your face, this won’t be an issue when you visit.

A chiropractor is an experienced and licensed professional. There is always an evaluation period, especially if you’ve just been medically treated for something, to determine the safest course of action. This may mean some experimental treatment, gauging your reaction to different amounts of force, to find out your current tolerance level, or it may be exploratory, such as the first time you visit a chiropractor to determine exactly where the discomfort lies, and to what degree of severity it is.

As always, when in doubt, talk to your doctor and your chiropractor in Los Angeles, CA. Between the two of them, they will be able to make an assessment and recommendation about what’s the most suitable way to proceed for you and chiropractic treatment.