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Myofascial Release Therapy – also sometimes referred to as MRT – is a somewhat newer forrm of deep-tissue massage therapy that is often used for the relief of chronic muscle or joint pain in certain common target areas.

These target areas include the back and spine, the neck, the shoulders – but also include the legs and other important body parts. If it has muscles and hurts, then it’s likely that it can benefit from myofascial release therapy,

Not everyone can get myofascial release massage therapy: Deep tissue massage is recommedned for injuries and the relief of chronic pain, but might not be recommended for someone who has connective tissue disorders (such as Ehlers-Danlos) due to the fragility of the connective tissues for which deep tissue massage can be harmful – but there are other therapies that might help.

Olympic Chiropractic has the experience and professionals to deal with chronic pain best, and we can help to find the right therapy to match what you need for relief.