In the last 10 years progress in assessing our genome has been fast paced indeed. We can now easily determine your genetic makeup with a simple cheek swab at an affordable price. With this comes the ability to evaluate  your heritage and also see if there are vulnerabilities to some formidable diseases. 

I say vulnerabilities because not every gene is expressed just because it is present. Some genes require a switch to be “turned on” or “turned off”. Some genes only create bottle necks in the biochemical processes that you generally overcome without notice, until such time as the body cannot continue to work around the weakness and you become aware of a health problem.

Many health problems are like this: adult onset diabetes, anxiety disorders, gluten sensitivity (not intolerance), allergy and autoimmune issues. Here at Olympic Chiropractic we have the ability to perform these tests. The results are received in about 2 weeks and plans of action to alleviate perhaps long standing health issues are discussed.

Nutrigenomic testing is here. We can also perform DUTCH testing (dry urine test comprehensive hormone) and food allergy testing. These testing methods are new, non-invasive and reasonably priced given the value they provide.

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