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Chiropractic History
What is really interesting in Chiropractic history, the largest epidemic in history, the 1918 Flu Pandemic, according to Gina Kolata in her 1999 book, the 1918 epidemic killed 100,000,000 in 6 months. It was at this time that Chiropractic began to be licensed due in part because of the results attained in caring for people. 1/40 the chance of getting Flu during that time with Chiropractic care. People at that time primarily went to Chiropractors when they were sick, not because of back pain.

What We Focus On
At Olympic Chiropractic in WLA, we focus on people’s immune systems working better. We have known since the beginning of our profession this was the case; that with Chiropractic care people’s immune systems work better. Of course, their neck pain and low back pain go away too! SPINE Journal January 1997 shows how mechanically affecting a single spinal ligament affects the brain, including the immune system through the sympathetic nervous system.

The spinal mechanics send quite a bit of information to the brain, prominently communicating with the sympathetic system which affects the immune system among other things.

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So, should you get adjusted? Absolutely! Only when you have back pain? Absolutely not! Regular Chiropractic care doesn’t cost, it pays. It will keep you healthier, longer. Remember, Diet, Exercise, Attitude, Rest AND Structural Balance are required for optimum health.