Today’s marketplace for insurance is complex indeed. For those of us around awhile, we might be looking for something that doesn’t exist anymore. Remember the old 80/20 plans? Wow, that was great right?

Insurance today really provides one thing well, catastrophic care. This benefit prevents you from losing your nest egg or going into debt due to an unforeseen accident or illness. That was what health insurance was originally designed to do. By the way, the term health insurance is really a misnomer. There is NO HEALTH INSURANCE other than the things YOU do to help yourself stay healthy. Today’s insurance is really SICK INSURANCE, you use it when you get sick.

You should protect yourself from sudden accidents or illnesses with insurance coverage. If you want your insurance to pay for your regular doctor visits it becomes similar to the idea of using your car insurance to pay for gasoline.

Your insurance is not designed to pay for regular visits or for maintenance. Ideally, and this occurs in some countries, when you join a health club or similar, your visit is recorded and connected to the vast health network, lowering your premiums for having good health habits. This could be applied to many things beside health clubs. It could also be applied to your Chiropractic visits, which we know help a body stay healthy. For now however, that is not the case. It doesn’t mean though that you shouldn’t develop those good habits that help maintain health, like going to a gym, eating well and most importantly, getting regular Chiropractic checks.

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