After being in practice for 37 years, I have learned a few things because I have seen a few things. It is often difficult to know if a referred business is worthwhile, even if the referral comes from reliable source. The following recommendations I vouch for completely. I see these business owners regularly and can help insure you are getting the services your require.

Body Shop – Golden Hammer – 310.479.4311 –

Podiatrist – Robert Paoletti – 310.679.2251 –

Mailbox and Business services – Perry Badar – 2 locations 310.839.6245 –

Handyman – Andy Walter – 310.990.5572

Moving services – Byron Barahona – 818.471.0641

Web Development – Raunaq Anand – 661.478.1207 –

I have more but must be careful to not compete with other of my patients. How many more would you want?