A Chiropractor is a person who has completed a four year degree progam and has also completed a 4 year post graduate program studying the field of Chiropractic. Actually, the hours spent in classroom is essentially the same for an M.D. as it is for a D.C. Bet you didn’t know that.

The difference of course is that a Chiropractor does not study pharmacology or surgery. Rather we study Adjustment techniques and nutrition along with biophysics and biomechanics. After graduating, generally we spend some time in another’s office to get real world experience in running an office, this is after we have spent considerable time in one of the College’s clinics working on the basics of caring for people.

There are women along with men practicing Chiropractic, and there are doctors working along side virtually every other healing profession. There are Chiropractors working with virtually every professional sports program as well.

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You can watch and learn by going to youtube and searching for Olympic Chiropractic Glenn Fischel videos. There is even one in Spanish!