Caring for people and helping them reach their optimal health potential often involves recommending supplements to those who are not already taking some form of nutritional support. People that don’t take a support commonly say things like:

I eat well

You just pass them out in urine

I don’t believe in vitamins

If you are one of these people consider that as you age your body’s ability to absorb nutrients becomes less efficient and you end of losing some of the foods’ value due to lack of absorption. Consider that you live in a toxic and stressful environment, two things that burn through the nutritional stores in your body much more quickly. Consider that the food you eat may be grown far away ( a good reason to visit your local farmer’s market) and will most certainly be harvested before fully ripening and therefore losing the ability to store more nutrition while ripening and losing nutrients while being shipped.

If you are female and have children, the nutrient stores in your body have been depleted developing your child.

For these reasons and more, taking supplements seems to make good sense. Vitamins are not a cure, they are insurance. They are not guarantees but cushions to help your body through the daily grind of life. In some cases they are actually immune enhancers as the case of Vitamin C and A. But these supplements need to be taken prior to getting sick for any value to your immune response.

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