Most accidents today could be classified as MIST, Minor Impact Soft Tissue injury. Property damage is between $500 and $7,000 and people often feel little to nothing at the time of the accident. They might experience some discomfort the following day and find that within a few days they feel fine and have no residual symptoms directly related to the accident. Symptoms that begin 2 weeks later are often suspect and make claiming injury more difficult.

The lack of symptoms is the serious problem with these accidents. The minor tissue damage does cause bleeding and resulting scar tissue formation. It is this scar tissue that is the harbinger of problems in the future.

You see, when scar tissue forms it is denser and stronger than normal tissue. When healing is complete the area of scar tissue formation is thus more securely held and any previous diminished function more permanently diminished. This lack of function will create future degeneration in the injured joints which can lead to “arthritis”.

Chiropractors purpose is to correct spinal segmental dysfunction. By getting yourself checked by a Chiropractor after an accident any dysfunctions can be identified and corrected as healing occurs, thereby limiting or avoiding scar tissue that diminishes joint function.

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