It’s a common practice for men in Los Angeles, CA to put their wallets in a back pocket. Placing it there keeps it out of the way and keeps your front pockets free for other things, but it’s still easier to reach than if you have to fish it out of a purse or bag. However, that back-pocket position could be causing you a lot more issues than you realize.

Posture Problems
A durable leather wallet can take up a surprising amount of space even when it’s empty. Once you fill it with cash, credit cards, rewards cards, and other papers it gets even bigger. There’s nothing wrong with keeping your wallet fat, but sitting on that wallet is another story.

The trouble comes from the fact that a thick wallet can force you to sit unevenly by propping one cheek up higher than the other. This places an unnecessary pressure on your spine because it has to correct the problem so you can sit up straight, and over time the strain can add up and produce lower back pain, nerve pain that shoots down the leg on the same side as your wallet, and foot cramps. If you do a lot of sitting or driving with your wallet in your back pocket, these problems will progress much faster.

Sciatica Issues
Sciatica is a common lower-back problem throughout the Los Angeles, CA. It happens when something pinches a sciatic nerve, the nerves that run down your spine and into your legs. The most common cause is a bone spur or a herniated disc that ends up squeezing the nerve, but a big wallet in just the right position can also pinch the nerve. If you tend to feel this shooting pain or the pins-and-needles sensation running down your leg when you stand up after a long drive or after hours spent at the office, then your wallet could be the culprit.

The Simple Solution
So what can you do when your wallet is causing you back pains? Simple: move your wallet. There are plenty of other places you can keep it that won’t affect your back:

Your front pocket rests top of your thigh and is easy enough to use.
Jacket pockets are convenient and harder to steal from if you regularly wear formal clothing.
Satchels and bags are good options, especially if you have to bring a lot of things with you when you go out.
You can also go through your wallet and take out everything but the essentials, making it much thinner and less of a hassle to carry with you.

Of course, if your sciatica continues after you’ve fixed your wallet woes, chances are good that there’s a more serious problem causing it. If that’s the case then you should visit your doctor and also consider visiting a chiropractor in your area. In Los Angeles, CA your best option is Olympic Chiropractic LA, so feel free to contact us and set up an appointment for a chiropractic session that will do a world of good for your leg and lower back pain.